Disrupting Industry for Over a Decade.

About Kyle X. Mufti

Kyle Mufti is a Toronto based entrepreneur. He manages a diverse portfolio of companies with many of today's innovative leaders in varying sectors. From major operations in the construction industry to significant philanthropic efforts for environmental research, Mr. Mufti is well on his way to the top 30 under 30 and an influencer to follow.

Cornerstone in the Community

Mufti Holdings Inc. is more than just a corporation. Our group of companies all strongly believe that it is our collective responsibility to be a cornerstone in the community. Since Kyle established his first corporation, the team integrated a strong focus on donation and fundraising efforts with food banks, varying shelters, and most recently, struggling small businesses from the effects of COVID-19. Our culture is built around teamwork and the community.

Partner with Mufti Holdings

Kyle has put over 10,000 hours into personally working alongside small businesses, entrepreneurs and corporate business leaders by challenging the vision and goals they aim to achieve. We have the resources, contacts, and team ready to help take your business to the next level.